Southwest Guardian Insurance Agency

 Long Term Care and Short Term Care

This is provides coverage for long term care, which can be at home, or at a skilled nursing facility.

What you are looking for is coverage to fill in the gap between your retirement income and the cost of care that you will need.   This is different for every situation so meeting and talking over options is very important.

Questions that you need to ask:

1. Is my current Long Term Care plan Partnership eligible?   If you don't know what this means call me and I can explain this important feature to you, and verify that you are covered.

2.I did not qualify for Long Term Care because of health issues in the past is there a way to get some coverage?   Some companies have changed their underwriting and are accepting people that  they would not have covered in the past.   There are also other options that provide money to cover care costs that were not available a few years ago.   

There are a variety of plans available, some have a certain dollar amount that they will pay, others will pay for two years, some have an unlimited number of years.   Most of these policies are bought before you start to have health issues as it costs more and the number of policies and carriers shrink as heath issues grow. 

The next step is to go to the "For more information" tab somplete the form and then we can meet and discuss your needs and I bring some solutions that will met those needs.   Thank you for taking the next step I look forward to being your advocate.