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Have been around for a long time, when a Roman soldier reached the age of 46, the Roman government would give them a lifetime annuity for their service.

You can move money around from 401K, 457, IRA's and other retirement accounts to a annuity to keep your retirement nest egg safe, growing and available when you need it.

Annuities have various stages:
The first step: The initial investment or funding the annunity, this is where you move money into the annuity account.

The second step: Growth Phase or Accumulation period, this is where the retirement nest egg is growing and building value.  The bigger it grows the better it will be able to take care of you.  This investment period can be for a 0 to 10+ years accumulation period.  

The third step: The payout period, this is the best part of an annuity knowing that you have a lifetime stream of income coming to you.

The next step is to fill out the Contact Form.   Everyone's situation is different so talking to you is the best way to find out what products will meet your needs best.   Annuities are issued by Life Insurance companies.   There are lots of choices.  Thank you for taking the next step and completing the form.  I look forward to meeting with you.